How Not to Worry

Anxiety and worry are a part of life. But for many of us they can reach a point where they spoil or even ruin our lives. If you are over-anxious, and perhaps even suffer from panic attacks, you need to do something about it. But what?

Maybe you’re not sure about going to the doctor. Even if it helps, you don’t just want a quick-fix cure for the symptoms (though in the short term that would be a big help). You want to be the sort of person who doesn’t fret and worry so much in the first place.

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Caroline Carr is a writer and therapist with both personal and professional experience of anxiety. She understands how anxiety can blight your life, and writes in a straightforward, easy and sympathetic style. She has a wealth of tips, ideas, strategies, techniques and case studies to share. She will help you:

  • Understand the nature and causes of anxiety
  • Find a choice of treatments and approaches to try (we’re all different, after all)
  • Consider what alternative therapies are available
  • Discover strategies that will help you
  • Find ways to help loved ones who are worried or anxious

Most of all, she will help you rebuild your confidence so that in future you can stay in control of your anxiety, instead of letting it control you.


This book is refreshingly easy to read, written by an understanding author and has some very useful tips on how to tackle the debilitating effects of worry and anxiety. I thoroughly recommend it. - Anxiety UK 2009

I thought that 'How Not to Worry' was a great read – every home should have a copy. One of the reasons I liked it so much was that I felt that it could help so many different 'levels' of worrier and it would be useful for all age groups, from teens upwards. Unless they are really lucky, everyone goes through periods of worry at some stage or other in their life and it would be so nice to have this book on the shelf, even if a quick thumb through is enough to coax you down off the ceiling again. - Lesley Hannaford-Hill, freelance journalist

The book is written in a very straightforward, down-to-earth way. No jargon or overly complicated descriptions, just very practical tips, ideas and strategies to help overcome the sometimes debilitating effects of anxiety. "Just because what you experience is ghastly, intense and frightening it's not the end of the world," explains Caroline, who firmly believes that no one should let anxiety ruin their life. - Finding Calm 2008

She writes in a hugely practical and pragmatic way… - Positive Health Online 2009

And some unsolicited reader's emails:

"I have repeatedly read your book and found it very helpful. It helped a lot to understand the physical symptoms that I experience are my body 'getting ready' for action, I recognised it word for word and actually felt very emotional reading that someone actually understands what I'm going through - the shortness of breath and sweat etc…"

"This is the best book on anxiety I've read. It’s so reassuring. I've a much better understanding of it all now, and that in itself is a relief."

"I can really identify with people in the book. Whilst I'm sorry they've had to go through it, it's good to know they've been there too, because their stories give me hope."

"I would just like to say a big thank you because your book 'How Not To Worry' really helped me through my worrying. My Mum brought me the book and I would recommend it to anybody. I thought it was brilliant and I am so grateful because I can't express how much it helped me through my worrying and anxiety. So a big THANK YOU because my mind is now in a much calmer and relaxed and worry/stress free place. Whenever I feel like a worry is getting too much I get out the book and feel so much better for it. So a HUGE thankyou."

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