Living with Depression

Caroline says:

When my life partner of twenty years became depressed – it was a shock. I needed advice – but couldn't find the right kind quickly enough. So I wrote 'Living with the Black Dog'. It is now in its second edition under the new name of 'Living with Depression'.

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Caroline's book follows her own story of coping with a partner who gradually slid into depression and - eventually - came out of it again. Although their relationship was changed, it survived, and she describes how she felt and the strategies she used to cope. She has talked to many other people whose partners have suffered from depression and she uses these as case studies throughout the book. She also gives a mass of practical advice, some she used at the time and some learnt later, to help others going through the same stressful experience.

'Living with Depression' gives you masses of advice and support on:

  • How to look after yourself and the rest of your family
  • How to support your partner
  • Understanding depression and how it affects you
  • Strategies to get you through
  • Where to get help

Reviews from first edition 'Living with the Black Dog':

This is by far the best book to have been written by a carer of a depressed partner. It is moving, practical, down to earth and personal. Above all it is warm... This book is an obligatory read. - Paul Lanham, Vice-President of Depression Alliance

Caroline tells her story very honestly, interweaving it with case studies and information panels. It shows how she coped, and how others can too. - Yorkshire Today/Lincolnshire Today

An honest account of Caroline Carr's relationship plus other case studies and practical resources and coping techniques. - Recommended patient resource Independent Nurse

I'm sending you a copy of 'Living With the Black Dog' by Caroline Carr, which has some great tips. - Woman - Editor’s response to letter feature

Having recently developed postnatal depression, I was interested to read your article 'How I survived my husband's depression'. This article really made me understand how my partner must be feeling. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such an insight into the other side of my illness. - SHE Magazine reader letter in response to Caroline Carr's feature'

And some unsolicited reader emails:

"I just want to say how reassuring I have found your book."

"I have found some of your coping strategies most helpful – the 'license' to detach myself and the 'permission' to be an individual in my own right has been liberating."

"I think your book is one of the best I have read re mental health problems, simple but so useful, and I will definitely recommend it on to other people."

"I have read your book and have found it very helpful and I am now in the process of reading it again to remind me on how to cope."

"Everybody who has a depressed partner should read this book. In fact it should be prescribed through the NHS as so many people would benefit!"

"I have recently read your book and thought it was excellent!"

"Many, many thanks for your book, it's been a good help to me."

"Thank you for making people aware of the 'other' person."

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