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Leap Into Your Power

with Caroline Carr,

personal power coach

How to increase your confidence and find more energy, peace, clarity, laughter and joy. 


Discover ways to sustain inner strength and peace in the midst of emotional challenges


Be empowered to speak your truth.

Are you looking for more energy, enthusiasm, confidence, clarity, laughter and joy?


Do you want to feel more positive and confident in general? Perhaps you get a sense that there's something holding you back - but you're not sure what it is...


Do you wish you felt more confident when speaking in front of others – especially when you are put on the spot, or in front of people you don't know? Do you worry about how you sound, and how you come across?

Are you are feeling exhausted, stressed and worried? Overwhelmed, world-weary and drained? Do you wish you could find more energy, and get your sparkle back?


Do you feel fed up or stuck in a rut?

Are you searching for inner freedom and peace?

Then this is the place to start!



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After working in the theatre and television for several years, Caroline taught drama in schools and prisons before becoming a hypnotherapist with a practice in Harley Street. Her personal and professional experience led to her developing a passion for teaching others how to find inner strength, confidence, positivity and joy. Caroline is the author of several books on mental health and women's health, and has been featured in the national press and interviewed on radio and TV.

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+44 (0)784 620 8378