Find your Oomph - increase your confidence, sparkle, enthusiasm, clarity and sense of peace. Discover a lightness of spirit and inner strength that will see you through the best and worst of times.


After working in the theatre and television for several years, Caroline taught drama, voice and speech in schools and prisons before becoming a life coach and hypnotherapist with a practice in Harley Street. Her personal and professional experience led to her developing a passion for teaching others how to find inner strength, confidence, positivity and joy. Caroline is the author of several books on mental health and women's health, and has been featured in the national press and interviewed on radio and TV.

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Do you want to feel more positive and confident in general?


Perhaps you get a sense that there's something holding you back - but you're not sure what it is...

Are you are feeling exhausted, stressed and worried? Overwhelmed, world-weary and drained? Do you wish you could find more energy, and get your sparkle back?


Do you feel fed up or stuck in a rut?

Are you searching for inner freedom and peace?

Do you wish you felt more confident when speaking in front of others – especially when you are put on the spot, or in front of people you don't know? Do you worry about how you sound, and how you come across?

Then this is the place to start!

With the right help it's perfectly possible to step out of confusion, stress and fear, and leap right into clarity, freedom and joy.  And I mean leap! It's always possible to take tentative steps, but I'm talking about making a gigantic leap - because if you work with me that is what you will find that you do.


You will acquire insights, experiences and skills that will stay with you, because once you know what to do, you'll always know - and you won't look back!


As you really leap into your own personal power it will impact positively on every area of your life in ways you may never have thought possible!


"The thing I love about Caroline is that she has this incredibly sharp perception that doesn’t miss a thing. She has an ability to read a person then ask a question that goes right to the heart of it, no messing around – and then bring it to a place of deep clarity and lightness that shifts it so rapidly.


I highly, highly recommend doing whatever you need to do to work with her because you’ll be so glad you did. She’s really got your best interests at heart – she’s keen to see what’s there, unhook it and get you back on course to who you really want to be. And that’s a gift."


Anne Rose Hart

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You’ll know when you experience emotional whiplash. You’re probably exhausted and feel like you’ve been through a battle.


Emotional whiplash comes about as a result of:

Engaging in long term selfless behaviour - in other words, attending to the needs of others whilst neglecting your own.

The impact of other people’s negative behaviour (which may well be directed towards you) on you.


You may be (or appear to be) in control. You’re probably focussed or driven, and are always busy ‘do, do, doing’ all that you feel you ‘should’ or ‘must’ do.


You may be very successful, but because you put such high demands on yourself, you live in a mental whirlwind and find it hard to really switch off – and probably see no need to do so anyway.


Sometimes cracks appear – you might find you can’t concentrate or you feel unwell, but you see this as an interruption that you can ill afford.


You may be uncomfortable facing your emotions, and avoid doing so at all costs


You’re life’s okay, but you feel there’s something more. You’re just not sure what it is, or where to find it. It’s like you’re swimming around in a lake of still water – it’s familiar and safe, but it doesn’t excite you, and you really aren’t feeling the joy.


You can opt to stay just as you are but…


Still waters run deep, and there may be much under the surface that is ready to emerge.


You know that you have some inner block - some fear that prevents you from doing what you want to do.


You may or may not be able to identify exactly what this fear is, but you ensure that you avoid doing whatever it is that causes you discomfort.

For example:

You may have a phobia of some kind, so avoid doing anything that might trigger the reactions that you associate with that.


Or you think that you’ll be judged  in a negative way or become embarrassed and uncomfortable in certain situations.


Or you lack confidence in yourself or your ability to do something, so you don't do it.

Do recognise yourself in any of these?

Revitalise your life now!  You can do this!

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