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I help midlife women shift their energy to feel good.  

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About me


My passion is showing others that you can make massive, positive changes in your life - once you realise that you can, and you know exactly what to do.


The thing is, our emotional reactions to daily hassles can keep us stuck - usually without our knowing it. They feed into our ancient and familiar patterns of thought and belief - creating unhelpful limits and obstacles and barriers, which can impact on so many areas of our lives.


But if you don't realise that this is what is happening, you won't know that you can do anything about it!


It took time for me to understand that this is exactly what was happening to me.


My story:


I've always had interesting work and been blessed to follow my calling(s) and passions in life. As a young woman I worked in theatre and television for several years and then taught drama, voice and speech in schools and prisons. Later I trained as a hypnotherapist, and also as a life coach with a regular practice in Harley Street, London. 

In my early twenties I developed what I'm now sure was Generalised Anxiety Disorder (following a swift and pressured return to very demanding work in the theatre - way too soon after having a virus). This lasted for about two years and was hideous and frightening. I learnt from it though, and became aware of my strengths, boundaries and limitations in a way that has served me well since.


But about thirty years later, following a long, slow build up of daily niggles, frustration and stress in my professional and personal life, I became totally exhausted, depleted and unwell. This was at a time when there were serious mental health issues within our family.


It was a very challenging time on many levels, and I seemed to be just going through the motions - coping and surviving, but not very well. I really felt like I'd been put through a mangle and hung out to dry. I longed to feel better, and for things to get easier.


What happened next:

I started to search. I knew things couldn't continue as they were, and I knew I had to do something. I talked to several people, who through their knowledge and wisdom helped and inspired me to rediscover my inner strength and purpose, tranquility, freedom and joy. I experienced several 'light bulb moments'. These, combined with a deep desire to reignite my inner sparkle and sense of fun led to me connecting with my old self again.


As I found my Oomph again, I stepped out of what I now know was confusion and stress and fear, and leapt right into clarity, freedom and joy! 

You can do this too, and I can help you to get there.


Once you know what to do, you'll always know - and you won't look back! You will acquire insights and experiences that will always stay with you and benefit you on a daily basis.


When you really find your Oomph and leap into your own personal power it will impact positively on every area of your life in ways you may never have thought possible!

Contact Caroline


+44 (0)784 620 8378