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So often there are a multitude of changing and challenging life circumstances that can impact on your emotional and physical health. Perhaps none more so than now.


But also in midlife - when menopause, bereavement, relationship, family or work issues can become a focus all around the same time.


Or you may be caring for someone with a mental health issue and feel challenged by their behaviour. You may also feel overwhelmed and guilty, or experience burnout and stress.

WHATEVER your situation right now, apply to win this call. You'll leave feeling energised and empowered, with fresh insights, inspiration and handy tips on how to keep upbeat and resilient.

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This is what some people have said after just one call with me:

"This was possibly the most useful conversation I've ever had! Talking to you certainly helped me put things in to perspective and gave me another view on looking at things. And thank you for all the laughter, you really made my day!"

Pauline Radcliffe

"You were like a ball of sunlight. I felt I'd been given psychological vitamins that topped me up like a tonic, where I'd felt so empty and depleted before."


"After speaking to you, I had such a sense of connection with my true self, that I hadn't been able to access for a very long time. It was wonderful."

Sue Gunnersby


"Thank you so much for your insight and advice today. I'm feeling a lot better and I have a great deal of food for thought!"



"Just a quick note of heartfelt thanks. I felt so much better having spoken to you - it just helped me get a better perspective".


"Since our session I've felt totally prepared to take on the challenges ahead of me with a new found confidence. I just wanted to thank you for that."