What is coaching and is it for you?

Coaching is basically a way to get from where you are in your life to where you want to be with the help and guidance of an experienced mentor. There are numerous definitions, just as there are numerous models, systems and methodologies that a coach can use to help you.


You might like to work with a coach for all sorts of reasons, eg: to feel more energised and less stressed or overwhelmed, to get more confidence and clarity in your life, or to find more joy and really touch base with yourself again.


For me, simplicity is key.


That's why I created the Find Your Oomph System. Based on 3 core pillars, it enables you to take control and gently propel yourself forward in life with purpose, confidence, ease and optimism. 


The methods I use are simple and straightforward. Coaching with me is highly experiential, and embodies powerful and fun techniques to increase insight, self-awareness, confidence, clarity, inner strength and peace, energy, optimism, laughter and joy.

You'll find that you rarely need to write anything down - except for brief reminders, or moments of deep insight that you might want to reflect upon. 

I've found my that own experience, intuition and inspiration proffers the best and most exciting results - for both my clients and myself. Because I enjoy what I do so much, I find it easy. Sessions flow effortlessly, and are a fun adventure for both of us!

Want to know more? 

"I feel like so much has shifted inside of me, and I feel this sense of stability and strength emerging in me again.

Thank you so much Caroline, this work is powerful, meaningful, and human!"



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