How to speak with confidence, ease and authority, and learn to love your voice and speak your truth.

Discover how to work with your voice and maximize your personal energy so that you can project yourself more effectively, and with greater impact.

Do you want to find a solution to the following?


Do you wish you had more confidence when you speak – especially when you are put on the spot, or in front of people you don't know?

Do you dread giving presentations in front of colleagues?


Do you worry about how your voice sounds, and how you come across?


Are you worried what people might think of you when you speak?

Are you concerned that you may not be taken seriously - for all sorts of reasons?

You're not alone - and you are in the right place to start!

How I can help you:


I'll help you to adjust your relationship with your voice, so that you feel empowered and confident when using it.


I'll furnish you with tools that will enable you to expand your vocal strength, clarity, richness, colour and power. This means that you will learn how to speak so that others really want to listen.


I will inspire you to speak your truth, so that you are heard by those you want to hear you.  

I'll ensure that you know how to maximize your personal energy so that you can project yourself more effectively, with greater impact and confidence - especially when speaking out in front of others.

I work in a way which is fun, interesting, effective and surprisingly easy. Where appropriate I draw on a range of modalities including hypnotherapy, playful movement and mindful laughter to aid and speed up the process for you, enabling you to blast through your barriers and boost your confidence, whilst gaining really valuable tools to help you speak with enthusiasm, energy, authority and zest.


Here's what to do now:


If you're ready to learn to love your voice and speak with confidence, contact me now!

Discover how making a few simple adjustments brings massive positive changes to the way you feel about speaking in front of others.


Enjoy learning how to work with your voice so that others feel compelled to listen when you speak - whether in a group or meeting, giving a presentation, or on the phone.


Find out how to maximize your personal energy to project yourself more effectively, and with greater impact and confidence. It's easy, and it's fun!

Face to face or Zoom online coaching.

Why choose me?


I've always been fascinated by the way people speak - the richness and diversity of individual voices, accents and dialects; and by the relationship each person has with their voice.


Part of my drama school and university training had a specialist focus in use of voice and speech. I worked with some great voice teachers, and I use what I learned from them and other specialists as a way to help people build their confidence so that they can speak effectively in any situation, be it in a small group, a large presentation or over the phone.

As well as coaching individuals, I have led many voice workshops, and as a result I've discovered that working with voice and speech is definitely a route to self empowerment.

Here's a quick checklist. Do any of the following bother you? 


​I feel embarrassed and self-conscious when I start to speak, and I worry what people might think of me.​

​I wish I sounded more powerful and strong.

​I communicate well in a conversation, but when I have to speak out in front of others it all seems to go wrong and I don't know what to do about it.

​When I join in a conversation, I sometimes become acutely aware that everyone's looking at me. I feel so embarrassed. My face feels hot and I fumble for words - I can't seem to get to the end of what I wanted to say. It's just awful.

​I often forget what I wanted to say as soon as I start to speak.

Sometimes I have to make a presentation as soon as I get to work, but my voice feels weak.


My voice trails off at the end of sentences.

I sometimes run out of breath when I speak.

My voice suddenly sounds strained and dry when I speak in public.

When I'm put on the spot my throat blocks up and I can't get the words out.

I've been told to slow down when I talk.

I find some words really difficult to say – so I avoid using them.

I'm sometimes told to speak up, yet I think that's what I'm doing anyway.

I never feel that what I say has enough impact.

Some people lose interest quickly when I start to speak.

Sometimes I feel as if I'm screeching.

I seem to sound hoarse all the time.

I think my voice sounds awful, especially on a recording.

Sometimes I never get to say what I really want to say, so I feel 'unheard'.

​I'm very conscious of my accent - a bit embarrassed really...

I wish my voice sounded more sexy, instead of thin and whiney.

Some people have lovely voices. Why can't I sound like they do?


These are very common concerns, and most of them are easily fixed!

If you are ready to start the journey of learning how to speak with confidence, ease and authority, contact me now!

"I have given three presentations since I came to you four months ago, and instead of dreading them as I used to, I've actually enjoyed each one! I'd attended 'presenting skills' courses in the past, but working with you was completely different. You got to the core of my (previously unrecognised) fear, and I feel as if a weight has been lifted! I use the breathing and voice exercises you taught me and my voice is much stronger as a result. I also sense a new found respect amongst colleagues; I feel that at last, I am heard."  


Caroline Carr teaches people how to adopt a positive perspective and build their confidence and inner strength through mindset, movement and laughter. She is the author of several books on mental health and women's health, and has been featured in the national press and interviewed on radio and TV.

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